Greg Wilson, PhD

Expert in helping scientists and engineers collaborate to do better science. Expert in communicating with stakeholders about technology.

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Dr. Greg Wilson helps organizations manage technical work, communicate to solve problems, collaboratively integrate expertise, and implement change.


Dr. Wilson has worked in government and academic environments to conduct, direct, and advise research projects. Before joining Perspectives, Inc. as a Senior Research Analyst, he was on the faculty at Texas Tech University and at Iowa State University. While a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed new ways to understand and evaluate complex engineered systems for the Departments of Energy and Defense and consulted on national security projects across other Government agencies and contractors. He has published on disciplinary change, integration of expertise, changing workplace identities, and reliability modeling.

As an undergraduate, Dr. Wilson studied Psychology and English at Emory University. He earned an MA in Technical Writing at Carnegie Mellon University and a PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication at New Mexico State University. His career has been spent both working alongside scientists and engineers in research environments and studying the mechanisms of technical decision making and change.

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